Veganism is abstinence from using any animal products. It involves clothing made from animal products and also food from animal products. They neither consume dairy products or by-products like silk, honey, cosmetics or anything that contains animal products in it. Most vegans choose this way of living to promote a more humane environment or for noble purposes. Some also do this because of the conditions in which the products are produced. For example, male cows aren’t responsible for milk production hence, are only kept to be later used as meat for sale.

Are Vegans the perfect people?

Vegans do not claim to be the perfect people in the world for their practices but instead, do this out of responsibility while not judging non-vegans. Vegans also don’t support the use of an animal for any entertainment purposes. They tend to avoid aquariums, zoos or any animal races. They see this as animal exploitation. Their preference is visiting animal rescue shelters which provide safe environments for these animals. Most vegans also choose this way of life to preserve the environment.

Most doctors recommend a cut in animal products for health purposes. Hence, veganism is the healthiest way of living so far. It excludes most junk food that is plant-based such as fries, and crisps. Research shows that most vegan diets don’t promote obesity, blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

Vegan diets encourage more health benefits than traditional foods.

Most people are worried that by being vegan they won’t be able to consume enough proteins. It is false because mostly, people consume more proteins while having traditional food-plan than they should. Vegan diets have enough proteins to be absorbed if appropriately eaten.

In the UK most medicines are tested on animals before human use. Many vegans see this as animal torture and hence, don’t use any drugs that contain any lactose or gelatin. Veganism doesn’t encourage the avoidance of prescribed medicines but rather the use of prescriptions deficient of animal products.

The vegan lifestyle has indeed been made easier having over 22,000 products registered as a vegan. It has helped in promoting the vegan lifestyle and making it easier for them to identify products to use for the bathroom, make-up, and others without much work.
Advantages of Veganism

  • Veganism may help in lowering cholesterol levels. Research done on type 2 diabetes showed that the ones who adopted the vegan diet reduced their LDl with 21%.
  • May help in the promotion of self-control. Being a vegan requires a lot of restraint. It may reflect in other aspects of one’s life that needs dedication and commitment.
  • It helps in increasing anti-oxidant intake through fruits, legumes, and vegetables. These mostly contain minerals, vitamins and a lot of antioxidants including dietary fiber.

For one who has been adopting a traditional diet routine, adoption of veganism promotes weight loss for them.

Plant-based proteins are getting cheaper and there is more companies like Plant Based Brands appearing on the marker and offering Vegan products.
Veganism promotes environmental sustainability.

It requires more water to produce animal-based proteins than it is to create plant-based. Hence, being vegan helps in preserving the environment by water preservation.

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