The world of veganism is generally misconstrued with there being a lot of vegan myths perpetuating inaccurate or outright false information. In a bid to separate the wheat from the chaff, today we shall put these notions under the microscope to find out whether they hold any water. Here are examples of the most popular vegan myths:

1. A vegan diet doesn’t have enough proteins

One of the most astounding, and surprisingly, widely believed vegan myth is that plant doesn’t contain a sufficient amount of amino acids as per the body’s requirement. Hence you need to throw in a bit of meat every so often. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

Vegans consume about 70 grams of proteins each day, which is comfortably above the requisite 40 grams. This is according to renown nutritionist, Dr Michael Greger. So yes, vegans get more than enough proteins from their diet.

2. Vegan food is solely comprised of vegetables and is ‘boring’

Well, a lot of people are of the school of thought that a vegan diet is all about broccoli, kales and other greens which they find ‘boring’ and unappealing. Again, this isn’t true.

Plants, which are the heart of the vegan diet, are the sources of so many exquisite cuisines that are the building block of delicious filling meals like hearty stews, sweet potato lasagna, and, wait for it, pizza! Furthermore, there is a host of vegan fast-food alternatives that are just as tasty as those junk foods people love so much.

3. Vegan meals will make you weak

Well, to illustrate just how wrong this notion really is, you have to look no further than your average zoo gorilla. The animal’s diet is what can be defined as truly vegan. And yet despite fueling its body on plant-based meals, the gorilla can lift weights close to ten times its own body weight.

Also, did you know that the world’s fittest man, according to the magazine Men’s Fitness, is a vegan named Rick Roll? Now you do. So the next time people tell you that a vegan diet will make you fragile, just point them towards the direction of superstar plant-based athletes like Martina Navratilova and Venus Williams, just to mention a few.

4. For strong bones, vegans must supplement with milk

Again, false! Plants offer numerous avenues to obtain the necessary calcium for bone development. In fact, some of the richest sources of the nutrient are plant-based and they include dried figs, beans (particularly of the black turtle variety), kales and collards among many others.

A vegan diet offers ample calcium for strong bones and its complimentary bone enhancer element, Vitamin D, can be obtained from just 15 minutes of sunlight.

5. Plants don’t quite have that filling factor like other ‘normal’ meals

Many believe that plant-based meals are quite as satisfactory as their meat-based counterparts. But according to a 2015 study carried out by the NCBI (National Center for Biological Information), plants have no effect on appetite and satiety. In other words, you wouldn’t feel any less full than you usually would when you swap a meat complimented diet for a vegan one.

6. Being vegan is down to medical issues

Contrary to public belief, most especially perpetuated by the media, going vegan doesn’t necessarily mean you have some sort of eating disorder, particularly Orthorexia.

While it is true that veganism is a symptom of the mental disease, the two issues are as separate from each other as day and night. They aren’t, in any way whatsoever, linked. Veganism is an optional way of life that focuses on plant-based nutrition as opposed to an animal-based one. It is not a medical affliction.

7. Final Verdict

Well there you have it, six of the most popular vegan myths busted! A vegan diet holds many benefits for the human body and is just as good, in fact even healthier and better than a meat comprised diet. Moreover, a vegan diet is sure to save you a significant amount of money as it is way cheaper than the aforementioned. Therefore, brush aside those malicious vegan myths and embrace the concept of a vegan based meal plan. It’s a proven fact that plants harbor the most notorious of the elements and go a long way towards a long happy life.

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