Understand the differences between vegan and vegetarian foods

Most people and even established food companies fail to understand the differences between vegan and vegetarian foods. Both vegan and vegetarian foods do not have beef, chicken or pork in their composition, but they mean different altogether.

However, besides this similarity, vegan foods do not have any other food that is made from animal products while vegetarian foods do not exclusively eliminate other foodstuff made from animal products such as milk or eggs. From widely believed and observed perspective, vegetarians picks their diet based on health benefits or religious beliefs. On the other hand, vegans choose their diet based on the strong moral or political beliefs that animal should be spared and protected by laws just like human beings. There are more and more Vegans who are starting to look for vegan brands that are also organic. Organic Vegan food is becoming in demand and Plant Based Brands is bringing you these exclusive vegan and organic brands.

Vegans avoid all the animal foods

Vegans avoid all the foods that even have small or slight additions of any animal products including honey or dairy products and even goes steps further by avoiding household, attires or other items made from animal products. Vegetarians also avoid meat products, poultry or seafood but they are more concerned with their health to consume nutritional components such as protein, vitamins, calcium, iron and other nutrients. Many vegetarians will consume animal by-products such as those made from dairy products or honey as long as they add nutritional value to their diet. Vegetarians are lenient, and many have no problem using items that are derived from animals.

Many types of Vegetarians

There are many types of vegetarians based on what they eat or include to gain the health benefits of the foods. Lacto vegetarian or lactarian are those who consume vegetables but include dairy products such as milk or butter in their diet minus egg products. There are also ovo-vegetarians who observe their vegetable diet but include eggs. Demi-vegetarian also observes the nutritional addition of vegetables but include healthy foods derived from animals such as dairy products, eggs, and fish. Vegans purely believe in consuming a diet that has no animal products and mostly prefers to take vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, and fruits. Vegan foods do not even consume soups or sauces that have a slight addition of animal products like beef or chicken stock or the chocolates that have milk addition in their ingredients.

Becoming a Vegan?

Becoming a vegan also means avoiding even those juice brands that have omega-3 or yogurt drinks despite their exceptional nutritional value. Vegetarians will avoid meat products especially the red meat but might consume animal by-products like yogurt to gain health benefits. In a nutshell, vegan foods have no animal products at all, and the concern is purely based on moral standpoint to avoid animal cruelty. Vegetarian foods have their primary focus on nutritional value with a little leniency by some people or in some instances consuming products made derived animals to healthy gains. The only relation is that both vegans and vegetarians avoid meat in their diets.

Field Roast Grain Meat Co.

If you are looking for brands that are vegan friendly try some of the products we carry. One of our bestselling brand that produces vegan meat or fake meat that some might call it is called FIELD ROAST GRAIN MEAT. This company has been established in 1997 and they are operating from Seattle. Field Roast products include sausages, burgers, meatloafs, slices, frankfurters, roast and much much more.

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